Sundays in Stockholm

I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday! I’m spending mine dreaming about Stockholm. The cold wind sweeping across the water. The peaceful Sunday silence in the streets. The cozy little cafés at the core of the city, smelling like cinnamon and coffee…

I spent a week in Sweden’s capital in September – many more pictures are posted in the Stockholm tag; these are the last ones – and have been under its spell ever since. It’s such a gorgeous, wonderful place and I can’t wait to go back. I’ll tell you all about my plans to move to Sweden one day in an upcoming post!

Do you have a favorite city?

Strandvägen waterfront
in Stockholm

Strandvägen boulevard is known as one of the most prestigious addresses in Stockholm and the buildings here are amazing. But I mostly faced the water while there and paid extra attention to the details on all the different boats.

Stockholm at night
taken from Västerbron facing eastward

I liked Stockholm even more at night. The water and the lights make it absolutely magical. From one of the main traffic bridges (Västerbron), which connects Södermalm with Kungsholmen, we had a fantastic view. But we found countless other, more romantic little spots to just sit and admire Stockholm light up the dark – and I want to go back so badly and do just that.

View of Skarven Bay
in Sigtuna, Sweden’s oldest town (founded in 980), about 45 km north of Stockholm

This is Sweden to me. Lakes. Forests. Emptiness. Cold skies. Small boats. It’s so beautiful and peaceful and seemingly untouched by all things wrong with the world.