I’ve been going for walks in the fields behind my parents’ neighborhood. In the midday heat, it’s peaceful and lonely out there, and I’m a little addicted to it now; to the scorching sun on my naked shoulders, the dry path beneath my Nikes, the waves of grain, and the wind in the trees. I come home with more freckles, darker tan lines, stronger legs, and sweat soaked clothes every time – and it feels glorious.

I’m going back to Cologne on Sunday so here’s what else I’ve been up to during my week up North:
eating farm fresh strawberries • staying up until sunrise and sleeping in until noon • cruising around in an Audi Q3 (dad’s current rental) • breakfast date with grandma • abandoning all make-up (want to continue this throughout August) • trying to get paid for my last month at work, meaning lots of emailing back and forth • going out for burgers at a lovely local place…

Cologne, I miss you. You too, lovely empty apartment of mine. I’m so ready to come back.


I’ve noticed a worsening pain in my shins after (and then during) running. Google diagnoses me with shin splints; an inflammation of the muscles or even of the tissue surrounding the bones. And as usual when I consult Google, I’m suddenly convinced that this is exactly what I have and that painful death is imminent.

Photo taken during my 60-minute run today which was really more of a long walk because of the stupid humidity and it being so early in the day. For some reason, I run better with an 8-hour work day behind me and a growling stomach.

Thank you, Wednesday

Made excellent progress on polishing up my resume. Bought new shampoo which smells like the one they use at the hair dressers’. Took a break from running but didn’t over-eat. Wrote a little post-it note to my room mate who has an exam tomorrow. Will crawl into bed now and catch up on Mad Men.

Thank you, Wednesday.

Running for beginners

Caught the exact 75 minutes of sunlight we had today. Went power walking and running. I’m doing the Couch to 5k podcasts (as recommended by Viv) and adding extra bits of fast paced walking before and after. There’s a gorgeous, gigantic recreation area just a 10-minute walk from my house. There’s runners, walkers, football players, dogs – and it’s a big open space, so you can always see others but you never feel crowded!

I’ve been talking to my room mate about running regularly, and our plan is to go at least every two days. It’s not so much about the running itself (every day would be too much for a beginner like myself, anyway) but the act of leaving the house and being on the move for an hour; running or not. I had to motivate myself every day when I lost 26 kilos in 2010/2011, and I just can’t anymore. So having someone else there who will push me to be active regularly is a blessing.