WordPress tip: Elma Studio

I had a self-hosted WordPress blog for five years, until early 2012. WordPress taught me (almost) everything I know about HTML and CSS and enabled me to work with (and bemoan) any other content management systems in my professional life. This blog is hosted at wordpress.com, so customization is limited and I cannot code my own themes from scratch, nor use downloadable free or premium themes. This is the only downside of wordpress.com for me; otherwise it’s very user-friendly and I have not missed my self-hosted blog.

However, coming across the fantastic themes over at Elma Studio I briefly considered going back to being self-hosted just to be able to use them!

I love that the themes are so simple and clearly structured, as well as the font and color choices. My favorites are definitely their two latest themes but any one of them costs just 12 Euros (or about $16) to download.

I have not yet used any of the Elma Studio themes that are available for purchase. I am, however, using their theme “Yoko” which is freely available to wordpress.com users and I love it. Again: everything is clean and simple, and there are none of the ugly surprises that are so common in free themes like comment fields that don’t match the rest of the design or off-center images.

Elma Studio is Hellen and Manuel, a German web design team. Naturally, the website and all themes are available in English – but I’m all the happier to promote some excellent WordPress work from my home country.

Were I to make the switch back to a self-hosted blog, I would most definitely make use of their special bundle offer which gets you access to all ten themes currently displayed on their website as well as all new themes that will be released within one year after purchase (at least six). The bundle costs 36 Euros (or about $48).

Visit Elma Studio here!

PS – I am not in any way paid for writing this post. Elma Studio have never heard of me.



The Gundulakranz I mentioned yesterday turned out wonderfully. And it was a big dessert success at the seafood dinner my mom hosted tonight, which we hadn’t anticipated but were all the more stoked about. I’m going back to Cologne tomorrow morning, sadly, and will be sure to take a few pieces with me.

It’s 11pm now, my train leaves early and I still have to pack, so- more tomorrow!