Germany didn’t make it to the Euro 2012 final and I don’t really care for Spain and Italy who are battling it out tonight but of course I’m watching the game, anyway. I got fritz-limo “melon lemonade” which is a hipster cola drink invented by two students from Hamburg, Germany. I never tried it before but I love trying out random drinks or snacks on special occasions that I wouldn’t normally spend money on. I’m already sad that it’ll be another two years until the next big football tournament but I’m looking forward to this game!

[ fritz-limo, “Melonenlimonade” – one bottle – € 1,50 ]


Spain vs. Italy was the best game so far. Germany vs. Portugal was painfully boring but at least Germany won. I still hate the Portuguese team because of the awful, arrogant Ronaldo. Russia, Poland and Denmark have played surprisingly fast and fresh and entertaining – good for them, I say! Good for them. France vs. England, a true classic, was only ok. Sweden is up next tonight: I hope they can beat Ukraine, just because. (Out of 11 Swedish players, only 7 are devastatingly handsome. Eyeroll. Whatever, Sweden.) All games so far have seemed unusually fair; though some referees need to reconsider their career choice – but what else is new!

Wait. You are not watching up to 5 hours of football a day right now?

Just booked train tickets back home. Yesterday I suddenly realized that I’ve got a long weekend ahead and no plans yet. When I told my dad, he very adorably said he’d pay for the trains no matter what it might cost. So I will spend Thursday through Sunday at my parents’. I feel like I haven’t been home in a long time, even though that isn’t true at all.

My brother is coming home from a week-long motorcycle trip around Switzerland and Italy on Saturday and the first football games of Euro 2012 are happening as well.

Perfect time to be home.