Hometown art

I found these two Cologne themed postcards in a bookstore a few weeks ago. Aren’t they lovely? I especially like the bottom one with all the different icons representing everything Cologne – or Köln, in German – is known for: Carnival, the locally brewed beer, its shopping streets, the Kranhäuser, the riverboats, its football club, the cathedral, the vast green areas, its zoo, Old Town.

I plan on framing these and putting them somewhere in my room, or maybe the kitchen.

(Postcards by: cityproducts.de)


I visited Museum Ludwig here in Cologne today. Every first Thursday of the month, Kölner (i.e. registered residents of Cologne) can visit the city’s museums for free. Seeing as I am a Kölner now, and an unemployed one at that, I took advantage of the great offer this afternoon.

Museum Ludwig is an art museum, focused mostly on 20th century and contemporary art. I loved the Picassos and the pop art exhibition and Salvador Dalí is one of my favorite artists – plus, so many of the other pieces reminded me of art history class at uni – but I have to admit that I’m not really into modern art. I love the giant historic paintings at the Louvre in Paris and the impressively detailed portraits at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Classic art, if you will. A blank canvas with one red dot off center may technically be art (everything anyone deems beautiful or thought-provoking can be considered art, in my opinion) but it’s just not particularly interesting to me.

Luckily, Museum Ludwig’s art collection is also housed in a building of spectacular architecture right next to the Cologne Cathedral so this added to what was already a successful outing! The cool, quiet, surprisingly empty halls of the museum made me want to sit in a corner and think and write like I did at uni, and go visit all the wonderful museums in the historic cities of the world.

(Photo credit: Camilo Embree-Lowry)