With my mom

I spent today with my mom, who had taken the day off work so we could hang out. We drove to the big city nearby, and just did whatever we felt like at any given moment. Stopped at H&M to try on flannel shirts and pullovers. Had caramel lattes at Starbucks. Looked at cutesy winter decoration stuff in small stores that smelled like Christmas and played modern jazz. And yes, I did in fact seek out the men’s fragrances section at a large department store in the hopes of spotting Alexander Skarsgård in his Calvin Klein ads, WHAT OF IT? I just needed to smell that Encounter fragrance once. Once. And take home a flyer with his face on it because they had them and I could. SHUT UP AND GO ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS, EVERYONE.

I also bought a Stutenkerl (bottom left photo). It’s a traditional pastry sold at bakeries this time of year. I don’t know the story behind them but they remind me of my childhood and they are delicious, so there. Sweetest part of the day, though? Looking in those dressing room mirrors and being genuinely content with what I saw. Most delightful reward for months and months of hard work.


Sometimes we confuse love with being addicted to the exquisite pain of wanting someone so unattainable.

from “Sex and the City”

I can’t even believe how much this applies to my creepy ridiculous Alex Skarsgård fangirl obsession. Also cannot believe I’m quoting “Sex and the City”. I can practically feel my university degree being pried from my bored, unemployed hands. WHAT IS HAPPENING.

Well, this is embarrassing. It’s like in my head I’ve traveled back in time to an age when it would’ve still been acceptable to obsess over an actor/TV show character. In reality and at my actual age, IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE AT ALL. I’m so conflicted.

Oh by the by! You can follow my tweets here, if you are the type of person who does that sort of thing.

About every three to four months or so, I become ridiculously obsessed with a single TV show, movie or actor. I think I skipped this type of worrying obsession entirely when I was in my teens and am now making up for it.

I spent an embarassingly large portion of my weekend watching Alexander Skarsgård on YouTube. Not a specific show, mind you. Just Alexander Skarsgård on YouTube: doing anything, anything at all. Interviews, random red carpet events, fan videos. (In fact, from my extensive research, I can tell you that he isn’t all that attractive when he’s himself and smiling and the Good Guy but HOLY GOD THE SMOLDERING WHEN HE’S IN CHARACTER.) You should know that I am blushing as I type this because, oh the shame. A feverish celebrity crush? Really, self? REALLY?

It all started when YouTube suggested a True Blood video to me, and bored as I was, I clicked – not knowing what I would get myself into. The show itself, I don’t care for one bit. Mr. Skarsgård, though? Hot damn. So naturally, I ended up watching “Straw Dogs”; the 2011 remake he was in. It’s a good movie. A little crazy but good. A review is quite possibly coming up next. Here is a preview: Alexander Skarsgård is BEAUTIFUL in it. So much more enticing, even, than in True Blood.

Usually, these obsessions last a week tops. The fact that I just got to work and couldn’t help but blog about him should tell you that the week is far from over.