One of my favorite things

I love winter. And Christmas. This entire season brings so much joy to me that I basically find myself waiting for it all year round. December is easily my favorite month of the year. If I’m lucky, we get some snow here before Christmas as well – and that is always the icing on the cake.

I love baking Christmas cookies. I love Christmas lights in the streets and decorations in stores and lit up trees on central squares and of course the Christmas markets. I love the cold; scarfs, coats, boots, mittens. It not only refreshes me physically but mentally, for some reason. I feel excited and alert and so, so happy this time of year. And I love coming home to a warm home; candles, tea, books, movies…

My absolute favorite Christmas movie is “The Polar Express” (trailer here). It’s a kids’ movie, obviously. But it’s a beautiful story and very well made and it has Tom Hanks. Need I say more? Alright: the soundtrack is fantastic. FANTASTIC, you guys. I love it more than the movie itself, I think. So if you can’t bring yourself to watch an animated film about the magic of Santa, listen to the music at least.

Do you have a favorite Christmas movie?


One thought on “One of my favorite things

  1. I LOVE Christmas, too. We would easily be best friends just based on that…. I’ve seen the Polar Express many times. I also love “The Holiday” (more of an adult movie, I know), Elf, Home alone, Miracle on 34th street,… all the classic Christmas movies. I will basically watch all of them from now until Christmas (there will be many on TV :))…

    and THEN I’ll come and have some Glühwein with you 🙂

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