Seafood dinner

My mom hosts a semi-fancy seafood dinner once a year, usually in October or November when it’s dark and cold early, and sitting inside indulging in a good meal with people you love is just the right thing to do. Think of it like a substitute Thanksgiving but with less gravy and more champagne. In recent years, what was originally a seafood dinner has morphed into a mussel feast of somewhat worrying proportions. If you can’t handle OD-ing on protein, do not attend, is all I’m saying. Or rather: know when to stop, do not OD in the first place. (This cautionary note is brought to you by my dad who had too many mussels one year and to this day is unwilling to speak openly about what happened after.)

In any case, it’s always a wonderful affair. My mom and I ordered and picked up 8 kg (about 18 lbs.) of mussels at a local seafood shop. We made some sauces and got baguette and German Pumpernickel, which I hate but apparently goes well with mussels. We had wine of course – well, my dad and grandma did. I did whiskey + coke along with my uncle; it’s our little tradition, no matter what kind of food is served. My aunt had also brought champagne because why not. The mussels, although not especially photogenic I’ll admit, taste delicious when cooked in a vegetable broth with tons of different herbs. My mom has her own recipe that she’s perfected and kept secret over the years. And like every year, it was a big success this year as well.

Have you ever tried mussels? Do you like seafood in general?


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