With my mom

I spent today with my mom, who had taken the day off work so we could hang out. We drove to the big city nearby, and just did whatever we felt like at any given moment. Stopped at H&M to try on flannel shirts and pullovers. Had caramel lattes at Starbucks. Looked at cutesy winter decoration stuff in small stores that smelled like Christmas and played modern jazz. And yes, I did in fact seek out the men’s fragrances section at a large department store in the hopes of spotting Alexander Skarsgård in his Calvin Klein ads, WHAT OF IT? I just needed to smell that Encounter fragrance once. Once. And take home a flyer with his face on it because they had them and I could. SHUT UP AND GO ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS, EVERYONE.

I also bought a Stutenkerl (bottom left photo). It’s a traditional pastry sold at bakeries this time of year. I don’t know the story behind them but they remind me of my childhood and they are delicious, so there. Sweetest part of the day, though? Looking in those dressing room mirrors and being genuinely content with what I saw. Most delightful reward for months and months of hard work.


4 thoughts on “With my mom

  1. Love, love, love the sweater! And I just wanted to let you know…. we call those “pastries” (I thought it was more like a sweet bread, no?) Weckmänner in the Rhineland (but you should know this already!). What a lovely day with your Mom! I can’t wait to hug mine.

    P.S. How long before Christmas will you be in Cologne?

    1. SWEET BREAD! THANK YOU. Ha. I didn’t know what to call it in English so I just used “pastry” and of course you’re right, that’s not really what it is at all. 😉 Will let you know about my plans for Christmas by email or on Twitter this week… They’re not really final yet.

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