Places I’ve Lived: Aachen, Germany

I lived in Aachen for one year during my first year at university. It’s the first place I moved to when I moved out of my parents’ home. Aachen is Germany’s western-most city and a spa town. It is known for its cathedral, where 30 German kings and 12 queens were crowned between 936 and 1531. So much history! The city sits right on the border to both Belgium and the Netherlands, making it an interesting destination for tourists.

I didn’t actually see much of Aachen while I lived there because I spent my days across the border in Maastricht attending uni. The 70-minute commute each way meant all I wanted once I got to Aachen was get to my apartment and relax. This is why I eventually ended up moving again. But what a special apartment I had in Aachen!

It was a tiny place but it was inside a building adjoined to the cathedral which easily made it the most central apartment in Aachen and gave me a spectacular view of the cathedral’s main entrance and tower as well as the cathedral yard. I would get annoyed sometimes at the hordes and hordes of tourists passing through there, and having to hear the tour guides tell the same stories over and over again. And it took a while to get used to the cathedral bells ringing every fifteen minutes at such close proximity. But looking back, I’m just thrilled that my first apartment was such a special place!

While so much of Aachen is just Regular Medium-Sized City Ugly, its old town – which is all I ever really saw because of where I lived – is really nice and cozy. I loved the farmer’s market and the bakeries selling Aachener Printen (a specialty of the region) as well as the truly beautiful Christmas market. The latter of which, to be frank, is pretty much the only thing that would draw me back to Aachen now.

(Not all the places I’ve lived were covered in snow all the time. Sadly! Heh. I just tend to take more pictures when it’s snowy because it’s beautiful so this is what I have of Aachen.)

Have you ever been to Aachen, or heard of it?


One thought on “Places I’ve Lived: Aachen, Germany

  1. Wow, I still remember when you were blogging from Aachen… have I read you online for THAT long already? 🙂
    I love Aachen. A friend studied there and I regularly went there with my parents for the Christmas Market and the “Printen”.

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