Piercing plans

Half a year before my graduation from Maastricht University, around Easter of 2011, I got my tragus pierced. It was supposed to be a sweet reminder of the city and my life in the Netherlands and my time as a student; a souvenir of sorts. It didn’t hurt one bit – getting my earlobes pierced was so much worse! – and I was a happy camper.

Sadly, 9 months later the piercing hadn’t healed yet and had actually gotten so infected that I had to have it taken out and let the area recover completely. By that time I had moved to Cologne, and when I went to a piercing studio here, they told me that the studio back in Maastricht had done everything all wrong. So that wasn’t the best experience.

But I love ear piercings and have been looking into getting a new one. I don’t know if half a year is enough time for the tragus to heal; if it is I would probably just re-do the piercing in the same spot. However, I’m also completely in love with those three piercings in the bottom picture – it looks so elegant!

Although I’ve recently started wearing a necklace again (it has a small scorpion pendant that my parents gave me before I went off to Kentucky for a year when I was 15), I don’t usually wear jewelry. Ear rings are the only exception – I have 3 holes in my left lobe and 2 in the right. One or two piercings would add nicely to that, I think.

Do you like the piercings on the right? Do you have a favorite? Do you have any piercings yourself?

(Image sources: Poccaa and Caitlin Irene)


One thought on “Piercing plans

  1. I only have one single piercing in my right auricle (like the ring in the first photo). That’s it. No other piercings (no, not even my earlobes). But I do love the tragus piercing and the three piercings in the second picture!

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