Hey, guess what. I decided rather than steadily kill off my own brain cells while browsing the truly awful and addicting seedy underbelly of the internet that is Tumblr, I should probably do some actual thinking every once in a while. So I bought a book. A BOOK!, I hear you cry. Why yes, remember those?

It’s been a few months since I’ve read anything offline. Something that wasn’t fiction, or forced upon me in huge fonts at a newsstand. And when I saw author Saima Wahab on The Daily Show the other day, I was reminded of how many books similar to hers I used to read that actually influenced my view of the world; books on current events and American politics and humanitarian crises in the Middle East, on war and journalism and places I will likely never see in person. I would’ve never bought this book at a store but I blindly trust Jon Stewart when it comes to book recommendations and the interview really got my interested.

So yeah. Let’s see if I’m actually going to read the book then, or just talk about it on the internet.

[ “In My Father’s Country” by Saima Wahab – Crown (2012) – 346 pages – $25 ]


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