This is an accurate case study of how I spend my Sundays

I was having whole grain pasta for supper today, and when I got the box out I noticed that the text on it wasn’t only in German but also in Swedish. Fullkorn. That’s Swedish!

There was so much Swedish on the box, in fact, that I may have stupidly grinned to myself longer than would be socially acceptable. There was no one else around, though. (This is really why this post exists in the first place.)

I understand how it happened, technically; that they probably also have boxes with, say, French and Dutch on them – depending on where in the EU they will be shipped. But this was still a sweet surprise that, NATURALLY, distracted me from any legit real life concerns.

So I ate my pasta, and then researched flights to Sweden, cried a little really hard at the realization that it’s so close and yet so unreachable right now, Googled images of the Stockholm archipelago in August, cried some more, listened to some Swedish music, sobbed because my favorite Swedish radio – with the original commercials and news bits – is no longer streaming online, browsed Sweden pins on Pinterest, got a sweet message from my friend Maria who is in Sweden right now for at least another 3 months, punched a hole into my laptop screen the air, contemplated watching any Swedish movie I could find online, and ended up watching Alex Skarsgård clips on YouTube for 45 minutes 3 hours instead. Then I didn’t vacuum my apartment.

You would be surprised how normal a Sunday this is for me. Although if you follow me on Twitter, you would probably argue that just about any day of my week appears to consist of the above right now. You would be right, of course. Give or take a plate of fullkorn pasta.


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