A day (of shopping) in Holland

I went to Enschede today which is a Dutch city that sits right at the border to Germany. My parents go there about once a month. We often eat at La Place which is a chain usually located in the large Dutch department store V&D. They have lovely fresh food, and their blackberry tea is amazing so of course I had it today. We walked around the big farmer’s market on the central square for a bit, and then my parents went their way while I hit the stores.

Remember how my goal for the summer was to just look good in a simple white tshirt? Well, I finally bought the tshirt at H&M today. Step one: complete. Step two: er, on hold? I really need to start working out. — I also bought Rituals “Yin Organic White Lotus & Yi Yi Ren” body mist. I KNOW that just made you throw up. I hate these pretentious names of bath and beauty products as well but whatevs, it smells delightful. I also found new sunglasses (super cheap ones from H&M again) and a cute necklace that has a guitar pendant. Granted, that sounds a little ridiculous but just wait, I’ll post pictures at some point and YOU WILL SEE, YOU’LL ALL SEE! (Phoebe on Friends, anyone? No?) And then I just got some random stuff, like a headband, and tiny containers for shampoo and whatnot that you’re allowed to take on a plane in your carry-on luggage (within the EU). I’d been looking for these forever and could never find them here in Germany.

We always bring home food and pastries from our trips to Enschede as well because it’s obviously a little different from what we can get here and, well, better. And more affordable. I dread spending half of tomorrow on the road again when I’m driving back to Cologne but shopping made me happy today which counts as a huge success because it normally just makes me tired and aggressive.


One thought on “A day (of shopping) in Holland

  1. Shopping in Holland is a favorite pastime of many Germanys… my family goes across the border quite regularly too 🙂 It’s fun!

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