I’ve been going for walks in the fields behind my parents’ neighborhood. In the midday heat, it’s peaceful and lonely out there, and I’m a little addicted to it now; to the scorching sun on my naked shoulders, the dry path beneath my Nikes, the waves of grain, and the wind in the trees. I come home with more freckles, darker tan lines, stronger legs, and sweat soaked clothes every time – and it feels glorious.

I’m going back to Cologne on Sunday so here’s what else I’ve been up to during my week up North:
eating farm fresh strawberries • staying up until sunrise and sleeping in until noon • cruising around in an Audi Q3 (dad’s current rental) • breakfast date with grandma • abandoning all make-up (want to continue this throughout August) • trying to get paid for my last month at work, meaning lots of emailing back and forth • going out for burgers at a lovely local place…

Cologne, I miss you. You too, lovely empty apartment of mine. I’m so ready to come back.


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