Just had a lovely Skype date with a good friend (whose originally from India and whom I met in Sweden). She’s living the sweet life in Stockholm right now – with her boyfriend who’s studying at the Royal Institute of Technology there – and moving to the UK at the end of the summer for a job she got right after graduating earlier this year. All of that seems so perfect to me that a.) I cried happy tears for her into my webcam, and b.) I just can’t help but feel like THINGS ALWAYS WORK OUT FOR EVERYONE ELSE BUT NOTHING EVER WORKS OUT FOR ME. Which is completely ridiculous because my life so far has been nothing but smooth sailing and great opportunities but maybe you know how it is: you get stuck, and suddenly you remember or know nothing else but yourself being stuck.

I want to find a job, and I want to be able to take her up on the offer to visit them in Stockholm in August. Not necessarily in that order, if I’m being completely honest – and that’s obviously my entire problem in a nutshell right there.


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