Two blessings:

• One of my closest friends in Sweden, who is originally from India, has been trying to find a job in Europe so that she can stay after graduation. One of the interviews she was invited to didn’t work out because the Stockholm embassy didn’t issue her visa in time. She was given a second chance, though: she’ll be interviewing with the engineering department at Rolls Royce UK later this week. Her boyfriend (also from India) was accepted for a job in a similar field in the same region earlier this week. Looks like they’ll be getting a chance to try their luck here.

• An old friend from high school gave birth to a baby girl last weekend. She fell in love with someone when she was working in Africa for a year, they got married last year and he was finally allowed to enter the EU and stay in Germany, and now they’re a little family. It all happened so fast and seems so crazy but I know it works for them.


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