This football business

My trip to Munich was a great success! I enjoyed seeing so much of the country driving down South: I never believed Germany was beautiful but now I’m thinking that maybe it is. The weather was absolutely gorgeous both days and speeding along on the autobahn was fun, especially since I hadn’t driven a car in months and months and don’t usually get much one-on-one time with my dad.

The game itself was a unique experience. Even though viewing numbers on TV were high, not many fans made it to the stadium as it was only a friendly match and Bayern Munich, the home club, had played a disappointing season. I don’t care about these things, though. I loved seeing those crazy good athletes perform and the media production behind a game such as this.

And sitting only a couple rows from German football legends Günter Netzer, Gerd Müller, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Ulli Hoeneß was oddly exciting. This was of course one of the pros of our VIP tickets. There were more pros: tasty catering with several courses, excellent wines, a fantastic view of the field, easy parking, and an army of professional staff tending to one’s every whim.

(The cons? The Bayern Munich VIP business club is, naturally, mostly frequented by people with business interests in the football club. Stakeholders, marketing managers, investors. Suits. I am deeply uncomfortable talking to people like that – but had to this time because I was representing the company I intern for (that was originally asked to sponsor the game). Football means jeans and beer and cursing to me, not makeup and heels and Blackberries. VIP tickets get you a great many things but none of the atmosphere and emotion that you find in the regular fan blocks.)

All in all a fantastic trip and certainly a once-in-a-lifetime experience for my dad! I still can’t quite believe all of it actually happened.


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