“Tod und Teufel” by Frank Schätzing

Have you heard of Frank Schätzing? If you live in Germany, you surely have. In the US – maybe not so much. He’s a tremendously famous German author, born in Cologne. And so some of his books are actually set in Cologne. As you might imagine, I love reading stories that are set in a place I know and am still discovering myself.

I always falsely assumed he wrote science-fiction, and I dislike nothing more than science-fiction. However, when I went through my dad’s bookshelf one day – he owns thousands of books, most of which he’s read twice – I found a Schätzing crime novel (“Mordshunger”, 1996) that was witty and different.

When I heard he also published a historic novel set in medieval Cologne, I had to buy it. That is how I found myself diving head first into “Tod und Teufel” around midnight last night. “Tod und Teufel” means death and the devil, by the way. The story plays out over four days only, September 10 through 14 in 1260. I love getting a glimpse into what life in Cologne looked like almost 800 years ago.

The first couple of chapters are so promising that I feel extremely comfortable recommending the book to you, even though I haven’t read it all the way through yet.

(Image source: amazon.com)


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