Appreciate your right to vote, airhead.

There’s a new intern at work, and today she proclaimed during lunch in front of everyone that she wouldn’t vote during the upcoming state elections because she wasn’t into politics much. Which- Alright. I have some things to say about this.

First of all, it doesn’t matter how much “into politics” you are. It’s not something that goes in and out of style or relates to personal taste and preference in any way. I’m not into opera much so I don’t go – that’s fine. But I’m not into politics much so I don’t vote? NO M’AM. Unacceptable.

Since I am no longer a student but not yet employed, am still covered by my parents’ health insurance, and think that things in Germany are all working just fine (by comparison) under any government, I often feel like the issues at stake during elections don’t concern me. Of course this is not true – and I should care, even if they don’t concern me personally. But this is why I only ever read up on German politics whenever elections roll around. And then I cast a relatively informed vote. I guess you could say that I’m not into politics much – I haven’t found a reason to be – but I still vote.

I vote because all the assholes and haters and racists and dingbats ALWAYS do. The extremists ALWAYS take action. If the broad, moderate, generally content, too busy with life, resigned to a status quo mass doesn’t, SHIT HITS THE FAN. As it has in the Netherlands fairly recently, and in regional elections in Germany. If I can’t be bothered to take action, I should at least want to prevent extremists from taking action. Maybe you would argue that that is a shitty reason to vote. But I would argue that there is no such thing as a shitty reason to vote. Just vote.

Above all, don’t come to me on a damn Friday with the despicable attitude that you don’t really care for voting because politics aren’t your thing. APPRECIATE YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE, AIRHEAD. And recognize that maybe it’s not only your personal right (that you happen to find tedious and unnecessary), but your communal duty to participate in this democracy. Participate, even if – like me – you can’t honestly say you care just yet.


One thought on “Appreciate your right to vote, airhead.

  1. Bravo! This is absolutely the right attitude! It’s scary to know that she’s probably not the only one with this “I don’t care”-attitude.
    I vote (most times) in German elections not because it concerns me right now but because I can!

    I also am excited to finally have a say in the country where I live right now! It’s important to vote. It’s important to participate in a democracy.

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