Fewer hours, more money

Fewer working hours, more money. I had to agree to that, and am grateful that the company I intern for gave me the opportunity to stay with them another month and even changed the conditions of my contract to my benefit. Even though the work itself and the overall situation at the office have made me wish I had the luxury of declining the offer and starting a real job somewhere, my co-workers – at the end of the day – are nothing short of wonderful. They go above and beyond for their interns.

Maybe I should be happier about this solution for the month of May. I’m just a little heartbroken over still not having found a job. Heartbroken, and increasingly worried because it’s getting to be impossible to pay very basic things that demand to be paid right now. I’ll be at the office only 3.5 days a week starting May 1 which gives me ample time to intensify my search for a job. It gives me time, yes; motivation, though, is still missing. — I don’t understand why it’s so difficult.


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